Plugin Registration Tool and screen resolution issue

If you are a CRM developer or consultant, you can’t live without Plugin Registration Tool. The tool provided with CRM SDK is MUST in order to register/ uninstall any plugin to a CRM instance, be it online or on-premises.

However, there is one weird issue with the tool (atleast the one provided in SDK 2013, and SDK 2016). That is, except for a few specific screen resolutions, the tool doesn’t show buttons to allow users to complete the actions.

Notice the screenshot below, where are the buttons to “Update Selected Plugins”? There is no scrollbar either.


There are few workarounds to get rid of this issue. For example, hitting TAB key for 2 times from the Step 2 control. Or hitting a shortcut key. But, for me the preferred method is to rotate the screen to left or right, this is because at least you can see what button you are hitting.

How to rotate screen:

For example, if you are working on Windows 10, then press Ctrl + Alt + Left arrow for left rotate, and Right arrow for right rotate. Once rotated, you can always see the buttons before clicking them.

Once done, you can rotate your screen back to normal mode, but Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow.

Hope Microsoft will add scrollbar or will give a proper fix in the next SDK!


3 thoughts on “Plugin Registration Tool and screen resolution issue

  1. Thanks for this wonderful tip. for SDK 2016, its 7 times tab to press once you find focus is on “Update Assembly Properties and content”. Hope that further helps.


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